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This course is part of the Esteem Toward Women NOW campaign

It’s time to turn your Souls Calling into your Life’s Purpose…

Your deep intuition knows that its time for outmoded ways of being to die and for true healing to emerge, which can birth a new humanity, and grow a more honest prosperity for all. You also know you’re being called to step up as a Change Agent, a Connector, a Healer, a Humanitarian or perhaps a Mentor. – However, the greatest challenge for most awakened souls isn’t about knowing that it’s your time to contribute and truly shine – But rather, its about being super clear, and confident about what your purpose is, and how you’re going to share it with the people who need your services or want to connect to your important message. This is NOT the time to be embarrassed for wanting to make a –LIVING– from your Soul’s Calling because –LIVING– your life authentically is your true purpose. 

This is definitely the time to identify and honour your gifts, your skill set and your values, and be paid for it.  – Which is why I have decided to lead you through this process of empowerment. 

think PURPOSE© empowerment series is a blend of Online and Offline sessions that I am offering the women of Adelaide, South Australia.

Dear Awakened One, This is your invitation to participate, 

Let’s be conscious contributors and collaborators, as we move through today’s rapidly changing world. We can be the generation that fulfills the dream of a more sustainable, harmonious and peaceful world. To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the true benefits of UNITY.

We need to experience how coming together for the greater good, creates an environment that invites conscious evolution. That’s why I am so excited to share this invitation with you, which I see as a celebration of humanitarians, visionary thinkers, connectors, change agents, social entrepreneur, and collaborators, who have ideas and specific expertise to aid in creating positive change.

This invitation marks a time of crossing to a new way of thinking and being; our collective intention will be to create social synergy through cohesive collaboration and co-creation. Through our connectivity we can help people deepen their personal awareness of unity, build bridges between the old and new and teach future generations to live creative and compassionate lives.

Who is this series for?

think PURPOSE© empowerment series is for women who are working on or toward an Idea, Cause, Business, Project or Event that has an altruistic purpose. This simply means they are providing a benefit to the wider community.

think PURPOSE© is an empowerment series that Nourishes Women, Builds a Stronger Community Spirit and Encourages Connection and Support.

“It’s easy to break a twig, but near impossible to break a bundle; Unity Strengthens – Aesop’s Fable

What women are saying…

I had never been to a think PURPOSE session before and had an open mind. What attracted me was how it was advertised: women supporting women, creating social change, and developing community. It was an inspirational evening with beautiful ladies, positive energy, lots of laughter and I left with my heart full and feeling hopeful for a better world. – Genevieve HC.

Thank you Elizabeth for hosting and facilitating the think PURPOSE session It was an inspiring evening of sharing both our vulnerability and our visions for a more empowered world, particularly for women and through the feminine fierce love in saying no to that which affronts our soul. A beautiful space of sharing and ideas was created. I thank each of the women in the circle for your beautiful presence and sharing. And Elizabeth, I loved that you shared your creation of the archetypes. With much gratitude and love, I embrace the mystery and mightiness of the feminine rising – Joan C.

Thank you Elizabeth, I found that your think PURPOSE session was just what I needed. You created a safe and comfortable container, which allowed us to express ourselves freely.  It was life affirming discussing the blessings of creativity and bringing the archetypes in was so fascinating, I’d be interested in doing more work with this. Thanks for the generous and helpful worksheets, and gratitude to the other women in the empowerment circle. It was a supportive, encouraging, enlightening and enjoyable evening. – Blessings Aphrodite H.

  • ACTIVATION – identfying your place and purpose in the world.
  • MOTIVATION – clarifying your values, your needs and your story. 
  • TRANSFORMATION – unifying your gifts and skill set and taking action with other women who are doing the same. 

INCLUSIVE, FUN AND INSPIRING – One thing I have learned in activating women’s communities over the years – is that inviting women to create change requires that the community is inclusive, aligned, fun and inspiring – this formula makes a huge difference in the resonance of the group and the individual.

think P U R P O S E | Empowerment Series 

The series consists of 4 in-person group sessions – plus a series of 4 online zoom group sessions. 

CURRENT COST – $320.00  (normally valued at $640 – I have reduced the price of this series by 50% due to our current collective financial situation, with the intention to support women to use this point in time to find their souls true calling and act on it.)

Elizabeth Ellames – Co-Founder and Leadership Facilitator at NOW Empowerment Collective

Tel: 040 330 9696 


think P U R P O S E – Empowerment Series For Women