NOW we’re Talking!

R A D I O | S H O W Get ready Australia! The “NOW we’re talking” radio show episode 1 is airing tomorrow Thursday Sept 16th at 6pm Adelaide time. Episode 1 Episode host Elizabeth Ellamesco hosts Cherie Rowett and Susan Knapp produced by Mark Aiston guest interview Eddie Blass You can listen inContinue reading “NOW we’re Talking!”

Fil your cup Festival 2020

N O W is very excited to be teaming up with our friends Erin Scammel from Fil and Khadija Gbla from Desert Flower. Lisa McAskill, Cherie Rowett, and Elizabeth Ellames from the NOW Social Empowerment Collective, along with Khadija Gbla and Kari Vallury will be presenting at this wonderful event. Tickets are now on sale! Click theContinue reading “Fil your cup Festival 2020”

Social Enterprise… is a movement

“Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution.” – Elizabeth Ellames If you look up the term “Social Enterprise” or “Social Entrepreneur” you’ll find many definitions.  Here at NOW, we believe that a social entrepreneur is primarily a professional change-maker; someone who has made a career or a business out of changingContinue reading “Social Enterprise… is a movement”