Master the Main Elements of Creating a Story-Based​ Brand

Helping You Gain The Self-Confidence And Clarity To Become An Effective Storyteller When Presenting Your Message And Ideas.

Overcome the doubt that often holds you back and discover how you can be an Inspiration to others, Influence with ease and create genuine Impact. 

Learn How To Apply The Simple Formula Of – Identify, Clarify and Specify. 

This program will help to reveal the true nature of your business or service; it’s culture, essence, spirit, and value.

  • Become crystal clear about the purpose of your personal or company brand and what it looks and feels like and what it communicates to others. 
  • Understand the power and energy that drives your Brand and your audience’s attraction to your Brand.
  • Learn ways to craft and tell your new brand story in a short engaging video. 
  • Get started on writing the script and tips on presenting your story to camera.  
  • This will be an interactive workshop to utilize the group as a test market in the development of your story.

On This 7 Week Program You will come away with:

Clear strategies for turning your story or idea into engaging video content. Clarity on your brand story and purpose. More confidence to communicate your story. A creative and sound formula on how to pitch your idea or business. And a strong commitment to your brand and your message.  


NOW Facilitators 

Version 2

Elizabeth Ellames – Personal Development and Story-Based Branding Consultant

Elizabeth is an Archetype Specialist and Creative Producer. With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development and image consulting, combined with a comprehensive study of ‘Cinema and Film’ at Flinders University; and operating her own business since 1984, Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetype branding for personal, career, business, and leadership development. Elizabeth helps people and businesses gain clarity about the value and message of their story, their brand and their purpose. Elizabeth also creates videos for purpose that validate people, culture and community.


Lisa McAskill – Media and Presentation Skills Consultant

Lisa excels at training, presenting and pitching concepts using video, which helps people establish and promote their vocation or business. Lisa is an experienced presenter/reporter with a media career spanning 30 years. Lisa is probably best known for her 14year role as one of Adelaide’s most engaging TV presenters, on Channel 9’s multi-award winning TV program, Postcards and featuring regularly on its sister program, Postcards Australia broadcast nationally on the Win Network. In 2011 she established Lisa McAskill Presenting with a focus on the training of presenters and media mentoring. The business has evolved to include a production arm that includes writing, producing and directing online video content for individuals and businesses, social impact video content and TV Commercials.


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett