Learn the Essentials to Creating Makeover Magic

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What is the first step people take to see if you can add value to their life? They will look at your image, both in person and online! 

Sadly, once you make an impression it’s often hard to change it and that’s why it’s vital to be in touch with who you are and what you have to offer. Look at it this way, if you say you are a highly creative progressive person and your brand is all about empowering people, yet you show up in shabby attire, no makeup or bad hair. People may see you as having low self-esteem and think something is not quite right here… Yes?

Remember, a picture paints a thousand words… are you starting to get the picture? Just like actions speak louder than words, so does the way you show up in life. This is what happens to your audience, clients or customers when you show up out of sync with your brand… they have what is called; “A Visual Disconnect.”

What this does is breaks down your credibility; they’re not sure whether to trust you. It’s a subtle and innocent observation most of the time. On these subtle levels, people are afraid to take a risk and trust up front, so they are constantly assessing and secretly checking to see what’s out of alignment, humans are much more instinctively wired than it may appear. And that’s simply because we all have something called unconscious bias. You can’t really change that in others up front, but you can at least change your image to fit who you really are, which in some ways may shift some unconscious bias.  

A truly great makeover is an inside job, its a heart to heart and head to toe transformation!

So peeps, protect yourself and your brand from people’s subtle projections by simply “Building Your Brands Integrity” it’s what makes you unique and why people will want to follow your BRAND.

Here are the 4 essentials to creating Makeover Magic

  • CONFIDENCE – First impressions often matter, be clear and confident about your intentions. 
  • PASSION – You need a natural enthusiasm to express who you are from the inside out.
  • INTEGRITY – Being on point equals being on brand and it’s not enough to just look good, people need to feel good when they’re with you.
  • ATTRACTION – The way you wear your brand is “attractive” –  your visual communication may or may not resonate with your audience. 

COME ALONG AND EXPERIENCE SOME MAKEOVER MAGIC – From hair styling to makeup to crafting your total image. Whatever your styling needs are, we can help you achieve them. And that’s where I come in, as your Facilitator I can help you gain quality distinctions around what works best for your brand and your personal style.

This ONE-DAY Seminar will move you beyond “I’m not sure what to wear” to confidently knowing your look, your style and what works best for your brand!

This seminar/workshop is also a perfect match with Lisa McAskill’s seminar – click the link to find out more: presentation-video-training-workshop-for-women/

Contact Elizabeth Ellames on Tel: 040 330 9696


Creator and Director  www.elizabethellames.com  www.realdealproductions.live 


Elizabeth has an extensive skill base crossing; Brand Identity, Pattern Recognition, Narrative Development, Self Development, Visionary Leadership, and Social Synergy, and loves creating dynamic cultures that support business and community.

With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development as an image consultant and transformation specialist, combined with studying film for three years. Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, image and purpose-based branding for personal, career and business development.


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