Leadership Vision and Reality

Leadership empowers supporters. Warren Bennis – on Leadership Leaders are made, not born. – The journey to becoming a leader comes as a result of going through a process of self-discovery: “Before people can learn to lead, they must learn something about this strange new world.” Leadership is like beauty. – Pinning down a pearl of wisdom onContinue reading “Leadership Vision and Reality”

Social Enterprise… is a movement

“Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution.” – Elizabeth Ellames If you look up the term “Social Enterprise” or “Social Entrepreneur” you’ll find many definitions.  Here at NOW, we believe that a social entrepreneur is primarily a professional change-maker; someone who has made a career or a business out of changingContinue reading “Social Enterprise… is a movement”

Being A Socially Responsible Business

Why Video Content And Partnership Is Key In Being A Socially Responsible Business There are benefits on both sides of being a socially responsible business. We all like to connect with good people, as do customers, who also prefer to associate with good businesses. And being a socially responsible business is a great way to attractContinue reading “Being A Socially Responsible Business”

Connection creates Collaboration

On Friday, 8 March 2019 the Stretton Centre and NOW Leadership Inc… invited the local community to celebrate International Women’s Day over lunch while highlighting and celebrating the contribution of local, successful businesswomen in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. Thank you to everyone who attended the lunch – and so glad local City of PlayfordContinue reading “Connection creates Collaboration”

International Women’s Day 2019

Balance for Better The Stretton Centre invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day lunch while highlighting and celebrating the contribution of local, successful business women in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. The Stretton Centre is pleased to announce the International Women’s Day lunch will be held in conjunction with NOW Leadership Inc, with Co-Founder Lisa McAskillContinue reading “International Women’s Day 2019”

How Story Informs Purpose

STORY Stories are constantly knocking on the heart of humanity. And without these appropriate, soulful stories our culture can struggle to grow. This is because we lose the ability to recognize the importance of ‘overcoming obstacles’ and the discipline to ‘protect our hope’, which is what fuels our vision and passion to create a brighterContinue reading “How Story Informs Purpose”

Self-care = A great choice at this time of Year

Hands up if the year’s end is feeling festive yet? Perhaps the reality feels more like fatigue? When fatigued we can start to ‘go through the motions’, aiming to get our work and life tasks done and “off the list”.  But when we let Joy slip out of the equation our tasks can feel evenContinue reading “Self-care = A great choice at this time of Year”

Are you a Cultural Creative?

There’s a real shift happening in our world today. Instead of focusing on demographics and traditional marketing means, an emerging trend is to look at the market from values or an adding value perspective. In their book, The Cultural Creatives, Paul H. Ray, and Sherry Ruth Anderson describe an emerging market called the Cultural Creatives and shareContinue reading “Are you a Cultural Creative?”

Seed Ideas and Collective Visions

I had the pleasure of being one of the facilitators at our Open State event – Social Synergy creates Social Changes.   TOPIC – “The fear of losing your identity or individuality when collaborating or co-creating”. Here is a brief overview of what I spoke about on the day –  We have adopted a wholeContinue reading “Seed Ideas and Collective Visions”

Turning ideas into action!

Social Synergy creates Social Change – looking after our future “To create a new currency for a thriving future it will take all of us coming together in different ways”.  At our event on Oct 7th, 2017 we experience the power of a conversational panel discussion, a participatory workshop, and international guest speaker Dame DC CordovaContinue reading “Turning ideas into action!”