Looking After Our Future | Session 2

NOW Conversations By Cherie Rowett for NOW Social Empowerment Collective Thanks to those who connected on Tuesday 12th May for the NOW Social Empowerment online conversation about Looking After Our Future.  We are hosting these conversations online to make it convenient for people anywhere to engage – because NOW’s mission is to keep the conversation going forContinue reading “Looking After Our Future | Session 2”

The Importance of Belonging | Session 1

NOW Conversations By Cherie Rowett for NOW Social Empowerment Collective Thanks to those who connected in this morning for the NOW Social Empowerment online conversation about The Importance of Belonging.  This unusual 8 weeks of pausing and staying at home prompted us to invite remote conversation – because NOW’s mission is to keep the conversationContinue reading “The Importance of Belonging | Session 1”

Our Praxis Can Propel Us

By Cherie Rowett  www.heartchoiceenteries.com As humans on earth at this time – it’s a great time to remind ourselves of the amazing praxis abilities that are unique to our species. Our praxis is apparent in our endless creativity and our skill sets, in our strategic adaptability, and in our cooperative capacity for social good. WhenContinue reading “Our Praxis Can Propel Us”

A Day of Creativity and Empowerment

On the weekend, Cherie Rowett, Lisa McAskill and Elizabeth Ellames, as the NOW Social Empowerment team had the pleasure of presenting at this amazing event Fil Your Cup –  Along with our dear friend and committed Activist Khadija Gbl founder of Desert Flower. This event was exceptional with a very warm and hope-filled community spiritContinue reading “A Day of Creativity and Empowerment”

Fil your cup Festival 2020

N O W is very excited to be teaming up with our friends Erin Scammel from Fil and Khadija Gbla from Desert Flower. Lisa McAskill, Cherie Rowett, and Elizabeth Ellames from the NOW Social Empowerment Collective, along with Khadija Gbla and Kari Vallury will be presenting at this wonderful event. Tickets are now on sale! Click theContinue reading “Fil your cup Festival 2020”

Social Change Champions!

Very excited to see NOW – Social Empowerment Collective out there in the wonderful world of Social Enterprise and Social Change – Here is an article and interview with Social Change Central.   Elizabeth Ellames, Cherie Rowett and Lisa McAskill are the incredible women behind NOW Leadership Inc. Each of them has achieved some seriousContinue reading “Social Change Champions!”

Building Bridges Of Humanity

In a world that is full of polarities, we need to start focusing on what works. Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting at the table with people from various public and private sectors. This experience has given me the opportunity to see how others think, act and respond. I have been in my ownContinue reading “Building Bridges Of Humanity”

Self Care and its’ Significance

Truth be told, the idea of wholistic “self-care” used to trigger my disdain. It seemed a bit trendy and twee; a non-essential and indulgent concept, and not nearly as important as the concept of caring for others. I wonder, now, why that was? Perhaps it was due to being in a helping profession where IContinue reading “Self Care and its’ Significance”

Leadership Vision and Reality

Leadership empowers supporters. Warren Bennis – on Leadership Leaders are made, not born. – The journey to becoming a leader comes as a result of going through a process of self-discovery: “Before people can learn to lead, they must learn something about this strange new world.” Leadership is like beauty. – Pinning down a pearl of wisdom onContinue reading “Leadership Vision and Reality”

Social Enterprise… is a movement

“Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution.” – Elizabeth Ellames If you look up the term “Social Enterprise” or “Social Entrepreneur” you’ll find many definitions.  Here at NOW, we believe that a social entrepreneur is primarily a professional change-maker; someone who has made a career or a business out of changingContinue reading “Social Enterprise… is a movement”