Come and join our end of year Celebration – Nov 28th 2021

Are you wanting to connect with an affirmative community or perhaps you’re looking for other like-minded people?  This month NOW Empowerment Collective in collaboration with the Re-career Women – program, is excited to launch a new purpose-based brand created by two women who’ve participated in the program. The NOW Empowerment Collective is providing a supportive space of belonging for womenContinue reading “Come and join our end of year Celebration – Nov 28th 2021”

Guestodians of Country

By Cherie Rowett As a business that builds community and culture, members of the NOW Empowerment Collective have had the pleasure to attend some of the sessions in the ConsciousAdelaide program today. The program is part of the global Conscious Cities Festival – that invites more consideration of how we want to design our “person-spaceContinue reading “Guestodians of Country”

NOW we’re Talking!

R A D I O | S H O W Get ready Australia! The “NOW we’re talking” radio show episode 1 is airing tomorrow Thursday Sept 16th at 6pm Adelaide time. Episode 1 Episode host Elizabeth Ellamesco hosts Cherie Rowett and Susan Knapp produced by Mark Aiston guest interview Eddie Blass You can listen inContinue reading “NOW we’re Talking!”

Your invitation to participate…

Don’t be seduced by the problem, be inspired by the solution!  By Elizabeth Ellames for NOW Empowerment Collective Dear Social Entrepreneurs, Creative Thinkers, and Humanitarians This is your invitation to participate – We can be the generation that fulfils the dream of a harmonious and peaceful world. Let’s be conscious contributors and collaborators, as we move throughContinue reading “Your invitation to participate…”

Empowerment for Women

The Aboriginal women of Nunga MiMinar in partnership with Aboriginal women living in the Community who also have experienced family violence, and Marra Dreaming lovingly restored old doors through the medium of paint and traditional art. The women are, “telling their story”, through the painting of the doors – Traditional Art stories which are allContinue reading “Empowerment for Women”

International Woman’s Day BRUNCH 2021

Come and join us at our event WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Creating A Hopeful Path Forward  How will you help forge a gender equal world?   Celebrate Women’s Achievement    Raise Awareness Against Bias    Take Action for Equality   Activate Female Leadership Advancing women in leadership is central to creating more profitable and productive economies, flourishing businessesContinue reading “International Woman’s Day BRUNCH 2021”

What is the NOW Collective?

Our programs and platforms are an effective and exciting way of helping women, youth and people of diverse abilities develop professionally.  We connect you to like-minded organisations, and give you the opportunity to learn and network with them.  This is done through our programs, events and panel discussions hosted by NOW Empowerment Collective in collaborationContinue reading “What is the NOW Collective?”

Are you happy with your personal brand?

Who am I Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ellames, – creator of Living Attributes Typology, Reel Deal Productions and co-founder of the NOW Empowerment Collective. – So glad you’re here! What I am offering I’d like to invite you to join me at my think PURPOSE empowerment series… they’re in Adelaide, South Australia and exclusively for women,Continue reading “Are you happy with your personal brand?”