Authentic Confidence | multi-workshop

This ONE-DAY three part workshop is designed to highlight your authentic confidence.

Come and learn from NOW experts in the field of; Living your life with purpose, how self- empowerment leads to resilience and why presenting with authenticity is vital to the integrity of your personal brand.

Authentic Confidence | multi-workshop

Body & Mind | LISA McASKILL


How we hold and use our body affects our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves, by adopting some simple poses we can literally change our brains and in turn increase our confidence.

One of the things we fear most is making a fool out of ourselves in front of other people but challenging that fear and stepping out of our comfort zone can be very liberating and empowering.

I will take you through a series of fun exercises that actors and public speakers use to increase their confidence and “get ready” to perform.

Lasting confidence and presence stems from believing and trusting your story – your feelings, beliefs, values, and abilities so we will spend some time reflecting on who you are and the core values that shore up your best self.


Creating Makeover Magic | ELIZABETH ELLAMES


A truly great makeover is an inside job; it’s a heart to heart and head to toe transformation!

In this section of the workshop, we explore the four main elements that make your personal brand more appealing.

  • CONFIDENCE –First impressions do matter, being relaxed, and clear about your message and your intentions is important.
  • PASSION –You need to have a natural enthusiasm to express who you are from the inside out.
  • INTEGRITY –Being on point equals being on brand and it’s not enough to just look good, people need to feel good when they’re with you.
  • ATTRACTIVE –Simply means the ability to attract; the way you wear your brand needs to be “attractive”– this requires being mindful of your visual communication (your image) – Is it in alignment with your target audience?

With a wealth of experience, Elizabeth works with you, helping you gain quality distinctions around what works best for your spirit, your brand, and your personal style.


Self Care = Self Love | CHERIE ROWETT

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Tapping into our ability to radiate love from the inside out is an awesome way to boost authentic confidence. In fact, science is showing us how our biology is driven to seek and thrive on the wonderful emotion and feeling of love.

In this part of the workshop, we will engage in some simple practices that have been scientifically shown to activate the positive resonance of love within and around us.

These are techniques that are simple to use and can be easily added to your self-care toolkit for use anytime during your busy day, and across the work, social or home environment.


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett